Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thank You, Mommy!

I just wanted to say thanks to my mom for coming out when Evan was born. We considered holding off and having her come out after Ben went to work, but I'm SO glad we didn't. With the headaches and ER visits we never could have done it without her. It was nice to have her stay at the hospital the first night with me. Aside from taking care of Lucas (and me) she cooked, cleaned (a lot), and she made yummy cinnamon rolls for all my friends. She's quite popular out here, you know. She gets invited to all the social functions and everything. Everyone loves Glenda!
Lucas was really sad to see her go, but he's excited to get to see all his grandparents when we go to AZ in a few weeks.

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jeana said...

It's true. We all love Glenda... and those yummy cinnamon rolls!