Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Lucasisms

Well, Lucas officially turned 18 months old on Friday. And just like my book says, the tantrums have increased and he is an emotional yo-yo.
He has a meltdown anytime we come home. He wants to play in the car or in the garage and if we don't let him, he goes ballistic.
Lucas is now aware enough to know where we are going when we drive around. So, if we drive past the playground in our neighborhood, crying ensues. When I do take him to the playground he has lots of fun running around and going down the slide. Sometimes I let him walk home (he walked all the way home last week, which was quite impressive). The problem now comes when we get to Scott and Jeana's street. Lucas loves his Baldwins and if we don't go to their house he throws yet another fit. This happened the other day, so I picked him up and carried him. Then on the next street I tried to put him down and he just laid down in the street. Safety first!
Last night we were driving home from a semi-foul dinner out and we drove past Scott and Jeana's street and, yes, more crying!
Lucas loves all of our friends. He always cries when they leave our house, too. Last night the Hollands came over to play games and Lucas loved it! He was such a champ, staying up until 11:00 grinning and laughing. It was honestly the happiest he had been all day! I think he has a crush on them.
He really loves everyone. Last night he even whined when our waitress left after taking our drink order. Silly kid.

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Dani said...

Welcome to my world! At least Lucas waited a little longer than Addie did!