Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How to speak Goat

This little video is for Lisa and the fam. For Christmas Lisa gave Lucas a Tom T. Hall CD. I listened to the record when I was a kid. It's been fun to learn all the songs again and watch Lucas enjoy the music, too. Ben, on the other hand, doesn't love the CD, but what does he know? I like it because it's different - not Barney, Disney, Kids Bop... it's not commercialized like everything else today.
Tom T. Hall was a farmer and sang songs about animals and being good to the world, etc.
There is a song about how to talk to a baby goat and Lucas now responds with a "baaaa" when the song comes on. It was really funny because I never knew if he was really listening to the music, but he is! I couldn't get a great video of him because he gets so distracted by the camera, but he's still cute.

(this video is pretty boring after 25 seconds...)

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Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

too cute! he's a genius! -Melissa