Friday, February 8, 2008

Baa, Baa

Well, you'll have to just deal with a boring post today. Since this blog kind of acts like a journal (and a grandparent notifier) I just wanted to update it with the latest happenings of all things Lucas.
Lucas is an awesome animal caller. I bet some day Uncle Rob will need to take him on a hunting trip to attract all the animals. He can bark like a dog, baa like a lamb, quack like a duck, and roar like a tiger. He also moos and mews, but they sound kind of the same. My favorite is the baa.
He still doesn't talk, but maybe he'll be a Dr. Doolittle or the Dog Whisperer or something. Actually, I think he might have said "shoes" last night, so that's good. We like shoes.
Lucas continues to get into things on a regular basis. He is getting into the drawers in the bookcase, where I keep some new baby things that could be used as gifts. Today he got out some of the new baby things and put them in the toilet. I guess they are his now.
Lucas is getting good at prayers before dinner. He folds his little arms before each meal, so I even say prayers with him at lunch and breakfast, too. He lasts for a few seconds.
Lucas still enjoys throwing his food on the floor when he gets bored. The best is a nice mix of vegetables because they offer more artistic freedom than just plain peas. Sometimes I think he throws his veggies so he can eat them off the floor.
I no longer oppose the 3 second rule. I now encourage Lucas to eat off the floor - MY floor. Today he ate about half of the veggies he threw on the floor after lunch. He just crouches down and puts them in his mouth like a little monkey, one after the other.
Lucas sleeps like a champ in general. He manages to sleep between 11 and 12 hours at night - 8:45-8:30ish. Except for this morning when he woke up congested at 6:45. It made for a trying afternoon since nap time was shifted up two hours.
Lucas still LOVES books. He will sit for a long time and go through book after book. The best is when he makes the animal noises while he reads his animal books.
Lucas is still the world champ of sorting and stacking. I just give him things that aren't even toys, like plastic cups, oatmeal containers, rolls of paper towels, and Gatorade bottles. He moves them around the kitchen in different formations. We clean up several times a day.
Lucas continues to be very physically active. This kid has always been fast - crawling, walking, and now he's running a bit. Sometimes he's not watching where he goes and he runs into a wall. Apparently his dad did the same thing while watching his own shadow... Wait, some of us witnessed a similar event last year at the park. It was a sad day when Ben ran into the fence trying to catch a frisbee.
I guess that's it for now. I can't believe how fast Lucas is growing. He is so smart and I'm always amazed at the things he understands and at his funny sense of humor. Oh, I love that kid.

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Scot said...

Oh, thanks for reminding me of Ben running into the top post of the fence. The mental video just played through my head again and I couldn't stop laughing! It looked so awesome, yet you couldn't laugh too hard because you had to make sure he was ok