Friday, August 24, 2007

The Past Year

When I think about the past year, I feel very blessed because I fell in love with a very special boy. It's been one of the hardest years of my life, but also the most rewarding. Can you believe Lucas is almost one?? I can't.

It seems like just the other day my mom flew to Austin, we got pedicures, went jogging, and the next day Lucas was born. When I think of how my life has changed since then I just have to laugh. A couple years ago I couldn't have pictured myself at home, wearing yoga pants, wiping spit up off the floor and changing diapers all day. Now I can't imagine getting ready by 8:00am, wearing skirts and dress pants, going to work and sitting in a chair all day. How life changes!

Well, I just wanted to recollect about Lucas' first year. He's always been such a sweet boy. He's got a happy temperament and a great sense of humor. We love watching him laugh and laugh. His big blue eyes are so beautiful they can light up a room... or break your heart when their filled with tears. I could just stare at him all day. Ben laughs at me because when Lucas is finally asleep for the day, I sit at the computer and watch videos of him or look at pictures.

Ever since Lucas learned to move on his own he hasn't stopped. When he started rolling he would roll and roll and roll until he hit a wall. Eventually he learned to roll the other direction, for which, I'm sure, he was grateful. Then he started scooting around with all his might. It seemed like such a struggle to use all his energy to get across the room, but he thought it was worth it to reach that shiny cell phone or bright toy. Eventually he got up on all fours and started to crawl like a pro. Now he's got rough, bruised little knees from all his crawling. He's the fastest crawler in town and we can't figure out how he does it. Sometimes I try to crawl after him, but I just get rug burn. In the past couple of days Lucas has started cruising all over the house. He holds on to the table, cabinets, couch, whatever he can to walk all over. I'm sure he'll be walking on his own soon... then running. And I'm afraid I'll be running soon, too, so I can catch him.

We've noticed that Lucas is VERY busy. He never stops. Lucas is constantly playing with, chewing, or banging on a toy. If not, he's hurrying across the room looking for something else to explore. Lucas is very curious and is learning more each day. He loves to look out the window and see outside. I'm sure it would be more exciting if we lived in a high rise downtown, but he seems to like the trees just fine.

I just want to thank all of our family and friends for all of your support over the past year. A big thanks to my mom for coming to Austin when Lucas was born, for staying a few extra days when I didn't think I could make it without her, and for promising that she would come back if, in fact, I couldn't make it.

We've had a lot of fun and we are grateful for all the friends we've made here in Austin. We do miss our family like crazy... and for that we would like to thank the Wright Brothers for thinking it would be a good idea to stick people in a very quickly propelled tube in the sky.

Here are a few pictures of Lucas over the past year. Kisses to everyone.

While I'm here I should make a list of all of Lucas' nicknames. He has so many - I don't ever want to forget them...
Little Man or L.M., Creature (Creatch for short), Rittlest Rucas, Sweetish Meatballs, Lukity, Bubbles, Butters/Budders (sp?), Lil' Crapper (in a nice way), Lucas Austin Harmanator...


Dani said...

Suzanne, cute little blog and cute little boy! You were so cute pregnant by the way! All those pics are so cute of Lucas! He and Addie need another date!

Scott Baldwin said...

Ah Bubbles. Happy Birthday Lukity - we miss you and your parents. When we get back from vacation we need to have some Harman time again.

Marco said...

This is a sign of a really committed mom: '...when Lucas is finally asleep for the day, I sit at the computer and watch videos of him or look at pictures." Dang, when my babies were finally asleep for the day, I just collapsed in a coma.
And so many nicknames! I don't think our kids ever got more than one. We'd better get busy.
Jogging the day before you gave birth? Is that comfortable? I guess nothing is comfortable at the 9 month point...