Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lucas' First Date

A couple weekends ago we went out to dinner with our friends Wendy & Blair Jones, and Tanner & Danielle Clark, with their daughter, Addison. She is just about a month younger than Lucas, and it was their first date.

They looked really cute sitting together in their highchairs, eating off the gross table. They kind of stared at each other and Lucas tried to grab at Addison - he was very interested in her pretty flower on her head. I'm sure he wanted to take it off and suck on it or something. While the rest of us dined on meat and potatoes, Addison and Lucas had a delicious meal of baby food, cheerios, raisins, and free rolls from the restaurant.

After a while Lucas got a little too grabby with Addison, so she had to move closer to her dad. But, overall I think it was a good first date.

Above is a photo of the cute couple. Lucas is in the middle of a smack. He's probably got a mouth full of raisins. Mmmm.


mandarin said...

it might be a good idea to teach him that when a girl says "no," she means it. haha...kidding.

he's precious.

Marco said...

Get used to it, Addison. That's what boys are like on dates.