Saturday, February 1, 2014


My sweet, sweet little Evan turned four last week!
Evan has wanted to go bowling for months, so we met some friends at the bowling alley the day before his birthday and had a great time! Evan thoroughly enjoyed both the sporting activity and the food :).

  Some of us have amazing form....
 Poor Evan was sporting a fresh black eye... something to do with a tiff between brothers. But to be fair, Lucas got stabbed with a fork the same day. Brotherly Love, my friends.

A true friend sticks by and admires your bowling results.
 Mmm. Pizza, nachos, mozzarella sticks, and fried pickles (which were quite an unpleasant surprise to this guy). What a birthday assortment!
We also had birthday cupcakes, and Evan wasn't too happy about our singing Happy Birthday. He's not a fan of all that loud attention.
For his real birthday I made this airplane cake. He wanted an airplane with "pointy down wings," which, may I tell you, is very hard to come by in the store. A couple years ago we had 3 mini Boeing 727s, and now Matchbox doesn't make them anymore (or they're hoarding them)! So, I made the next best (but way cuter) thing  - a blue paper airplane! Evan loved his cake and didn't complain for a second about the plane choice.

This time we whispered our best rendition of Happy Birthday, and it went over well. 
  Evan got some great gifts, which kept arriving in the mail for days! He was a happy boy.
 I'm so thankful for this little baby boy. In the days leading up to and on his birthday we spent a lot of time together looking at his baby pictures. He'll tell anybody he meets that he was a cute little baby, and he wants to be a baby again because he was so cute! I'd have to agree that he was one fine specimen, and still is!
Evan and I found this video last week of Lucas holding Evan for the first time. This is one of my best days ever. I miss Lucas's sweet little 4 year-old voice. So, deliciously adorable. Before we took this video he told me, "Mom!... You're not fat anymore!"
Happy Birthday, Evan!

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