Friday, December 14, 2012

Recent Sweets - Christmas edition

 As we gear up for Christmas we have some excited boys around here. Lucas has been drawing lots of cool pictures of Santa, Elves, Army Elves, etc. He's also written some fun notes to Santa. Here's one from school that I love:
 Last night for homework he had to write about which holiday he celebrated. He really got into it and I was really proud of him for writing about the true meaning of Christmas without being prompted.

I just love that boy so much. He's such a sweetie and I'm so impressed with him.

Last weekend was Ben's work party. We didn't dress up like elves or anything cool, BUT a quiet guy from the office totally rocked a Santa outfit! They had a photobooth, so we hopped in before we got food in our teeth.
 This year our Christmas will be a little funky (just how I like it) and we are flying to ABQ on Christmas afternoon. BUT, while we are gone, there's a good chance our house will get torn apart and have new tile put in because our original tile is messed up. Long story short, we'll have to empty furniture out before we leave. I don't want to take a big live tree down in a hurry, so instead I bought a little tiny 5' skinny tree. (I originally wanted a forest with 3' and 4' trees also, but the price was too high, so I just got the one). Lucas was pretty disappointed when I pulled it out of the box, but once we turned on the lights he was pleased. I think Evan liked it from the beginning. He is so cute when he gleefully screams, "Merry Christmas!" Tonight the boys decorated the tree and they love it. It's so... different :). Pics will come eventually.

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nanny said...

This boy is AMAZING. I sure love him!