Friday, March 30, 2012

Evan Piece-o-Heaven

I haven't written in forEVER. Sorry. I'm gonna update you on everyone in little chunks. Right now its all about Evan!
A lot has happened. The weirdest thing that happened is that Evan's hair changed. It was normal at Christmastime. And then we got back to Austin.... and it started sticking straight up. Like he has a little blond aura all the time now.  Remember how cute his hair used to be? Perfect. And now... it's different. But its very soft and fun to touch. And he's still cute, so it's ok.

In other Evan news, he is loud. He loves the sound of his own screeches. Ben took the boys to the Natural History Muesum at UT last weekend and Evan was screaming in the entryway to the museum. The security guard came and told him to have Evan "stop his hollering." He just shrugged and asked her if she had any ideas and got on with his museum tour. Trust me, if we knew how to quiet the kid up we would! If you call me during bath time your ears will surely regret it!

Have I told you how Evan loves to throw his food? He thinks it's great. If he isn't pleased with a particular item on his tray he just tosses it. So annoying. And sometimes if he doesn't want something on his fork or spoon he just shakes it and then BAM - yogurt all over the floors and walls. It's great.


Evan isn't all weird hair and naughtiness, though. He's such a sweet little boy. He's so funny and has us laughing all the time. He's very musical. He loves to sing and hum a long with music - his favorite song to sing is the Imperial March from Star Wars. And if he sees a star wars book or video game or character he says, "Star Wars!" I can't believe I have a two year old who loves Star Wars... ugh.

Evan is still huge and heavy. He still loves his pink satin pillow (but who wouldn't?) and he thinks Pirate Booty is the bomb. I think on some days Evan could eat more than me... when he doesn't throw all his food on the floor.
After Evan throws most of his food on the floor he loves a popsicle. He runs over to the fridge and pulls on the freezer door saying, "po-sicle!!!" And the only way to shut him up is to give him a popsicle.
When Evan hears me making a smoothie, he comes running and climbs into his highchair waiting impatiently. I make a good smoothie, by the way, I could totally put Jamba out of business.

Evan makes a really funny face when he's concerned. He walks around saying, "Oh, no!" and scrunches up his face and his eyebrows, sticks that big lower lip out and looks oh-so-cute. Usually the problem is a lost toy, or a "broken" tv.

He's yelling at me now from bed. So, until next time...

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nanny said...

I can't believe how much Evan has grown! He looks like he is three. He is so adorable and just plain sweet. Thanks so much for sharing.