Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Evan's Birthday Party

My mom and sister, Carrie, were able to come to town for Evan's birthday weekend. We had lots of fun while they were here. We didn't get out and do too much, but they did get to go to IKEA for a couple hours and made it out alive. I stayed holed up in the house mixing a bazillion colors of frosting for his cake.

Evan is doing great. I know I have been a bad blogger lately, but I'll try to do better.
Some funny Evanisms:

*Thinks the kitchen table is an acceptable place to play. Today he took his first dive off.... oops.
*Generally has a train or car in hand at all times. Even when he sleeps.
*Throws food on the floor with joy. If he doesn't approve of something he simply tosses it on the floor. Sometimes when you're picking up the recently tossed food, you're lucky enough to be pelted in the head by a banana or piece of cheese.
*Loves his pink satin pillow. Still.
*Squeals so loud dogs for miles around come running.
*Probably eats more calories than I do.
*Comes as fast as he can when he hears me blending up a smoothie, waits patiently in his chair.
*Loves slides and tries to slide down anything... like the driveway.
*Is very popular among the girls in Lucas's class at school.

Evan is a big boy. 95% on height, 85% weight. He still has sweet soft blond hair, bright blue eyes, and satiny smooth skin. We love our little stinker and we're so grateful that he's our baby... er, toddler.

Happy Birthday, Evan!


Krista said...

SO CUTE! i love the cake! happy b-day evan!

The Wife said...

He does have really soft skin. :)

Cause I said so... said...

This cake rocks! You are so very awesome at making cakes and making me feel guilty for ordering my cakes at Sam's.