Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Nine years ago this happened. Look how soft and smooth our skin was.
But look how much cooler we are now!

And no, I can't find a single picture of us together from this year. Lame, right?
I think a family photo shoot is in order in a major way. MAJOR!

Happy Anniversary, Baby! I love you


Krista said...

yay! congrats! i wish i was there, i'd take a family photo for you!! perhaps you could get a cool on like us with the boys hanging by their feet (it's the ONLY one from our shoot that we are ALL looking at the camera...). i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris and Amy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Suzy said...

Krista - I wish you were here, too! Kids are such pains. It's gonna take a miracle worker to ever get a good shot of all of us... good thing I married a graphic designer. :)

Amy - Happy Anniversary to you, too! I hope it's filled with yumminess.