Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bowling for Pizza

On Saturday we went bowling with some friends. The bowling alley was very fancy schmancy - not the type of place that should require prior immunizations. Lucas and Ben got a deal where they got unlimited bowling for 2 hours, plus unlimited pizza. (I opted to watch since my back still hurt). Lucas was in heaven. He ate about three pieces of pizza - more than he's ever eaten in his life. He got to drink a Coke... and spilled it on the stairs. And he had fun bowling as well. Ben did pretty awesome, I might add. I managed to get one of his awesome tricks on video:


The Wife said...

Ben is fa'schizzle da bomb!

Shan said...

You guys are too cool for school! I knew I should have taken that bowling class! Is there still time for me to learn cool tricks like that?