Monday, February 23, 2009

Week in Review

We made a Chair Chart for Lucas. If he managed to stay in his chair during dinner or lunch, he could get a star. Finally, after about a week he filled up 10 stars! His reward was a second wooden train track and train. We actually got them both for Christmas, but didn't give him either one because we figured they were too hard to keep track of while we traveled. I think he was more excited about the stars than the train, but he does like to play with his trains.

I came home one day to find Lucas enjoying some Frosted Mini Wheats straight from the bag. They were mostly gone, so it was just crumbs. The kid was a total mess, as was the floor. But he sure thought it was great.
This week was busy. We had New Beginnings for the girls at church and it turned out really well. I was in charge of making them their little gift and dessert. Both turned out great.

Thursday I made about 50 cupcakes to take to Ben's work for his birthday. We did that on Friday and Lucas was really excited to go see Daddy at work.

Friday night Ben and I went on a hot date to the Alamo Drafthouse to see Slumdog Millionaire. It was the first time we had been to a movie together since August 2006! We enjoyed some potato skins and a milkshake. Lucas stayed with the Baldwins and they fed him dinner and everything. They were lucky he was there because they made a Lipton rice packet for dinner and Lucas was the only fan - he had several helpings. Apparently it was garlic flavor... Let's just say if Lucas was a car, he wouldn't have passed an emmissions test for a few days. It was amazing. Seriously.

Saturday I was off running around all day and Ben stayed home with Lucas. They had a nice day together and I don't think either one ever got dressed for the day. While I was out and about, I took part in a photo shoot for a make up artist and hair stylist going out on their own. They both needed photos for their websites. They turned me into a 1940's girl and Ben still hasn't stopped laughing. He even took one of the really bad shots with my eyes half closed and put it up as our background on the computer. To my credit, the photographer told me I had the shot of the day.
Yes, I agree, the hair is a little crazy. And it would have been better if I had a outfit to match, but oh well.
Saturday night I was getting ready to go to chaperon a church dance when I suddenly turned into an 80-year-old. I was trying to get dressed and totally got tripped up when I took my pants off, and fell onto the bathtub. I hit my arm, hip, and knee. I felt really sorry for myself and went to lie down, so then Ben and Lucas came over and lied down too. Lucas was driving his car on Ben and then managed to flip off the bed himself, so we had two pathetically sad people. I eventually managed to get dressed and go to the dance where I iced my arm as I watched the awkward intermingling of teenagers. I thought my arm might have a fracture, but I think it's ok. It is really swollen with a nice bruise, though.

Sunday was Ben's b-day. We had pizza and cheesecake and it was good. I think he had a good day, too.


The Despain Gang said...

Oh man, I'm totally going to steal that star idea for Boston. He's totally a crazy escape artist. He doesn't stay in his chair during lunch, breakfast, or dinner--no matter what I do. This may work! :)

Denisha said...

I didn't know you guys had a blog until I saw it linked on christian's blogsite. Wow, Lucas is so grown up and adorable! Looks like you guys are quite the sweet family. Hope all is going well. If you guys ever want to check out our blog, it is..

Have a great one!


amanda said...

i like your hair as a 40s girl. it's so charming.

i have an image of you with your pants down falling into a bathtub, and it makes me smile.