Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lucas's Lovely Locks... going, going, gone.

Lucas's hair got way out of hand over Christmas break, so I was determined to give him a little trim as we celebrated MLK Day yesterday. Once again Ben wanted to buzz it and once again I protested saying, "we can't - the cowlick, the cowlick." We settled on using the 1" attachment on the clippers, and faded it into 1/2" on the bottom.
I, being the genius that I am, decided to touch up one side after Ben had been working on the other side. So, I took the clippers from him and touched up here and there. Then I went right on top of Lucas's noggin. That's when I discovered that the 1/2" head was on, not the 1" head. Needless to say, we had to go over all of Lucas's hair, and now it's all 1/2" long. Poor baby. He looks a little funny, mostly because he has some patches in back where his hair is thinner... then there's that whole cowlick. But, he's still way cute. His new 'do definitely shows off his facial features better, so that's good.

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Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

Ben & Suzy, Hi! I found your blog after reading Logan's blog and seeing your comment I thought maybe you guys had a blog too. It's great to hear about you guys and see the adorable picture of Lucas. Since we haven't seen him it's the 2nd best option. Well if you want to check out our blog you may at thedespaingang.blogspot. Have a great day! -Melissa